After almost a decade of working with startups and small businesses through startup competition The Pitch, we found ourselves hearing about the same challenges every year.

Running a business around your full-time job is stressful, confusing and lonely – and there’s no support available. 

We’ve set out to change that.

How it works

At Side Hustle Club, we give you a dedicated, comfortable space for the evening. You’ll work with other entrepreneurs running side hustles, who understand exactly what you’re going through. We’ll kick off each session with a workshop on business skills and there will be a mentor on hand for the rest of the evening.

The programme exists for anyone who wants a productive space and entrepreneurial support in the evening. Rather than fitting your side hustle around café opening hours or kids’ bed times, join us once a week.




Meet the team

We’re a small, friendly team on a mission to help startup founders across the UK.

Want to get in touch? You can reach us at


  • 40 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1HP
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